“We live in an ever-changing society and an increasingly on-line society. We have to use our marketing skills to our advantage and change people’s perceptions of libraries and what libraries can offer individuals, families, communities and businesses. We must showcase what’s on peoples’ doorsteps for FREE”

Karen Thornburn, St Helens Libraries

We have a firm understanding of the issues libraries face in 2021 and beyond:  if you are looking for guidance we can advise on the following key activities:

How to increase physical footfall in the library to protect budgets

lf it is determined that a digital lending service adequately meets the statutory requirements for a library service, will there remain a need to have physical Library buildings, and physical collections? Will Library funding be at risk?

The strongest way to countenance this risk is to ensure that these new digital users are additionally recruited to use the Library’s physical offerings. Intellitec are committed to helping libraries thrive and can assist in the creation of strong marketing messages to migrate these new online sign ups to full footfall users. Such an approach ensures the delivery of the full value of Public Library services to its community of users.

Audit current technology to ensure its being used to its full potential  

Maximising your investment in technology is vital. With our experience we can evaluate how the current technology is being used and design a path to increasing its use and effectiveness. 


Our Unique Position

How does COVID19 affect the future of libraries?

As we emerge from lockdown, there will be wariness and reluctance from some of the public to return to indoor public facilities. At the same time, many libraries have gathered increased digital sign ups during the pandemic, creating opportunities to increase the uptake of the libraries overall service offerings.

We can assist you in designing and delivering a blended mix of in-library and online events to ensure your Libraries service is best tailored for this new reality.


We are independent

We are agnostic to the products, services and suppliers already in situ within the library and can assist in funding applications and tenders. We will help develop your true needs, requirements and guidelines to support the delivery of any library service




We are always available to discuss your requirements and

help you understand how we may best support your business.

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