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Intellitec helps organisations to grow efficiently, innovate faster and establish appropriate short, mid & long term cultural, organisational and technology strategies.

We are an experienced team of Executives who have succeeded in multiple exits, led merger & transformation projects, whilst consistently delivering growth. As advisors, we now apply this knowledge to help companies to scale faster and better. We will understand where you currently are, where you want to be and map your route to the summit.


  • Owners, Founders, Investors & Leaders who feel that their leadership or team needs additional experience or would benefit from coaching and mentoring
  • Early or first time CEO's who would benefit from Non Exec support
  • Companies that want to achieve growth but have doubts over how to scale efficiently, and how to mitigate the attendant risks
  • Organisations who need assistance with Product positioning to increase awareness, create interest, generate sales and create brand loyalty
  • ​Companies in need of a Turnaround strategy and implementation
  • Sales & Marketing teams who need experienced direction coupled with an injection of fresh inspiration
  • Organisations who wish to adopt new & innovative technologies seamlessly, whilst maximising the benefits and organisational alignment
  • Professional Services units requiring specialist technology experience
  • Companies who want to accelerate the rate of innovation from the product teams through structural or process improvements  

Transformation through technology


  • We know from first hand experience how to drive transformation and build businesses - by bringing together the capabilities needed to fuel growth and success
  • We help our clients develop the culture and capabilities needed to permanently embed agility and innovation within their business
  • We help our clients harness the power of the available technology and data, modernise their core use of technology and capitilise through optimisation and automation to fuel their business change 

We are always available to discuss your requirements and

help you understand how we may best support your business.

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